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Where Power Meets Precision: Discover Our Impressive Machinery

We’re not just a fleet of tow trucks; we’re the rugged, roaring, and reliable workhorses that transport your heavy loads, keep traffic flowing smoothly, and come to the rescue when you need it most. 

35 Ton Tandem Axle Wrecker

Our 35-ton tandem axle wrecker is the powerhouse of heavy-duty towing. With remarkable lifting capacity, it’s your assurance that we can handle even the most challenging recovery and towing jobs with ease and precision.

3 Ton Wrecker

Compact yet robust, our 3-ton wrecker is your go-to solution for efficiently towing smaller vehicles. It’s perfect for quick and agile responses to roadside assistance calls, ensuring safe and prompt service.

5 Ton Single Axle 4x4 Wrecker

The 5-ton single axle 4×4 wrecker combines strength with agility. It’s the ideal choice for navigating challenging terrains and recovering vehicles in tight spots, providing reliable solutions in tough situations.

53' Hydraulic Slider Trailer

Our 53-foot hydraulic slider trailer is the epitome of transport efficiency. Whether it’s moving large machinery or oversized loads, this trailer ensures secure and smooth transportation, guaranteeing your cargo’s safety.

Heavy Duty Recovery Response Trailer

Equipped for heavy-duty recovery missions, our response trailer is a critical part of our emergency response arsenal. It’s designed to handle challenging recovery scenarios, making it an essential tool for ensuring road safety.

CRCT Pilot Truck and Trailer

Our CRCT pilot truck and trailer are the trusted escorts for oversized loads. With certified drivers and advanced communication devices, they provide precision guidance, ensuring the safe transport of large and unwieldy cargo.

At Coastline Towing & Transport, we’re dedicated to being your trusted partner on the road. Whether it’s towing, transportation, or traffic control, our commitment to safety and excellence shines through in every service we offer.

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